1 June 2018

South Africa’s petrol price will hit another record high this month, as the department of energy has announced a massive increase in prices at the pumps.

According to the DoE, petrol will be climbing by 82 cents a litre for both 93 and 05 octane fuel, while diesel will be hiked between 85 and 87 cents per litre, and illuminating paraffin will go up by 82 cents.

This will take the official petrol price up to R15.54 for 93 octane, and R15.79 for 95 octane. Diesel (0.05% sulphur content) will hit R14.19.

To this end, we wish to alert all our customers to the possibility of  a fluxuation in the fuel surcharges, as indicated on our rate sheet.

Management has advised that each quote, going forward will be costed on the current fuel price trending in the country, subject to Management’s approval.

Thank you for your continued support.